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How is Avalon Cremation Care different?

• Plain & Simple: We have mastered and simplified the arrangement procedures at our secured website. Our services are available at the same price to everyone; without confusing membership fees or pre-registration. All arrangements are arranged here, at our secured website, so you never have to leave home.

• Low-Cost Guarantee: When you select one of our plans, you are guaranteed the current price. You decide if you want additional services such as help planning a life celebration or memorial service, urn and keepsake selection, cemetery preparation, VA forms help, and death notice or obituary placement.

• Things to Point Out: Cremation is our main focus. Some funeral homes offer cremation as a necessity by demand but only as a “secondary” service.

• Cremation is also earth friendly- it saves land space, does not require the body to be embalmed, and the cremation itself is a very safe and sanitary process. In today’s world, people are mobile. Cremation allows you to take your dearly departed with you wherever you move without any hassles. Therapeutically, that’s a comforting thought!

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