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Essential Cremation Option  

Many people opt for cremation for its affordability, simplicity, and environmental concerns. 

Our Essential Option provides a full-service cremation without a funeral, memorial, or service. However, you can add a memorial or service along with other service offerings for additional costs if you choose.

With our Essential Services Option, you can expect Avalon Cremation Care's compassionate service will be available to you in your time of need, 24 hours every day.

If you need cremation arrangements for a family member who has already passed, we can help you online or call us. 

Our Essential Cremation Option includes:


  • Professional Services of licensed cremation specialists & staff


  • Transportation of deceased into our care and to crematory (phone payment required for a nursing home, hospice, or residential deaths)


  • Transportation to crematory​


  • Obtain Medical Examiner or Coroner's permit to cremate

  • Cremation fee


  • Three (3) Certified Death Certificates


  • Cremated remains of the deceased are returned locally (Cook & DuPage Counties) to the family 5-7 days (excluding weekends) after the doctor, medical examiner, and coroner's certification of the death certificate; and completion of all authorization forms by the responsible party.


To choose the Essential Option, Please follow these steps: 

The "Vital" form is all the information required to complete and file a death certificate.

Although our Essential Option is a full-service cremation option, you can choose to add additional services to your order, such as:


At the time of passing, please call us to let us know, and we will carry out your prepared arrangements. 

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