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Assisted Option

Our Assisted Cremation option provides you with help in completing necessary forms and paperwork at this difficult time. 

Let us bring you peace of mind by guiding you through the steps required to complete a cremation service. 

After you complete your payment, we will contact you immediately by phone to assist you through the rest. 

Essential Option
  • Professional Services of licensed cremation specialists & staff

  • Transportation of deceased into our care and to crematory (phone payment required for a nursing home, hospice, or residential death)

  • Transportation to crematory​

  • Obtain Medical Examiner or Coroner's permit to cremate

  • ​​Cremated remains of the deceased are returned locally (Cook & DuPage Counties) within 7-10 days (excluding weekends) after the doctor, medical examiner, and coroner's certification of the death certificate; and completion of all authorization forms by the responsible party.

✅  One (1) Certified Death Certificate

✅  Temporary Container for ashes

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